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What a great webcast it was. Better than any new year’s party. I worked all day and just came home and watched the webcast and had a great time. I particularly enjoyed and was humored by the poetry readings. Outstanding. Cheers to Radiohead once again.

Watch Scotch_Mist in its entirety at



The movie “Definitely Maybe” contains Badly Drawn Boy’s single “Time of Times” from his album “Born in the U.K.”. BDB’s songs lend themselves to be included in movies, because they simply are outstanding and unique. For example, he coined the entire soundtrack to the movie “About a Boy”, which is pretty much my favorite film soundtrack of all time. I doubt that I will see the film, however, because it looks pretty cheezy. Check out the video below.



Human Giant is the only good show on MTV. And it isn’t music related at all. In fact, I don’t think MTV shows any music whatsoever at any time. Their new acronym should be TWCOTV or The Worst Channel On TeleVision.



The Oscar Nominees were announced today. Normally they don’t mean anything to me because of all the crappy movies and actors and songs that get nominated (and win) each year. Normally, they don’t honor the best, artistic movies of the year – only those that have the most popular actors. However, this year’s two films with the most nominations – No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Bloodhappen to be my favorite movies of the past year. For once they got it right. Or did they? Where are all the nominations for Into the Wild? That was an outstanding movie. Not even a nod for Emile Hirsch for Best Actor?? Come on. George Clooney – are you kidding? Oh yeah, wait a minute. He is a big-time A-List celebrity. We don’t want to recognize a guy whose name we probably can’t even pronounce.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment, however, is in the music categories of Best Song and Best Original Score. At least the Best Song category features “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once. Besides that, they all suck. What the hell is the movie Enchanted? Is that the one with Dr. Daydreamer or McMacDreamy Guy from Grey’s Anatomy or a show like every other doctor-show that’s really not about doctors but about people who don’t look anything like doctors that have sex with each other like rabbits…? Oh yeah, great movie…How about Eddie Vedder’s amazing song “Guaranteed” from Into the Wild? I believe that song captured the message, feel and voice better than any movie of the year. (see previous post to hear the song)

As for the Best Original Score, I’m not so cynical. I still haven’t seen The Kite Runner or 3:10 to Yuma, so I’m not quite sure. What I am sure of, however, is that the Academy has lame rules for what is/is not eligible to be considered for this award. Apparently Jonny Greenwood’s utterly amazing and sure-fire winner for There Will Be Blood isn’t eligible because not all of the songs were written for the film. A valid point the Academy has, considering the word “original” and also because I was unaware of this fact. Yet all that aside, if one composer such as Jonny Greenwood can put together a group of songs like he did – that should be rewarded. Forget these rules. Take away the music and the movie – as outstanding as it is – wouldn’t be half as good. That should be the reasoning behind the score. The score should win hands down based on the fact that in the first 15 minutes (and many minutes thereafter) of the movie there are NO WORDS – just movement by the actors and the bone-chilling music. In any other movie or circumstance, it just wouldn’t work. (Think Castaway, for example. I wanted to die just watching that movie.)



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01. The Enemy | We’ll Live and Die in These Towns
02. The Bravery | Time Won’t Let Me Go
03. Rilo Kiley | Silver Lining
04. The Coral | Let the Sun Back In
05. Eddie Vedder | Guaranteed
06. Grandaddy | I’m Ok With My Decay
07. Rogue Wave | Sewn Up
08. Hot Chip | Ready for the Floor
09. Editors | You Are Fading
10. Wombats | Moving to N.Y.
11. Foals | Balloons
12. Elbow | Grounds for Divorce
13. Duffy | Rockferry
14. Death Cab for Cutie | Brothers on a Hotel Bed
15. The Dandy Warhols | You Come In Burned
16. Iron & Wine | Dark Eyes
17. Radiohead | 4 Minute Warning
18. Supergrass | Diamond Hoo Ha Man
19. Rooney | When Did Your Heart Go Missing
20. Badly Drawn Boy | The Time of Times
21. Mylo | Need You Tonite
22. Feist | In the Evening
23. Snow Patrol | You Could Be Happy
24. Hard-Fi | I Shall Overcome
25. Peter Bjorn & John | Paris 2004
26. Coldplay  | A Message
27. Pete Yorn | For Us
28. Mogwai | Close Encounters
29. Travis | Walking Down the Hill
30. Explosions in the Sky | Our Last Days as Children
31. Charlatans U.K. | A Man Needs to be Told
32. Jonny Greenwood | This Land
33. Modest Mouse | Little Motel
34. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names | Funeral Face
35. Maroon 5 | Won’t Go Home Without You
36. Jeff Buckley |¬† Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin
37. Richard Ashcroft | C’mon People (We’re Making it Now)
38. Damien Rice | Cannonball
39. David Grey | Please Forgive Me


Into the Wild, directed by Sean Penn, is the one of the best movies of 2007. Before the movie came out, I had read about the story in an issue of Men’s Journal and was very much intrigued by the story – that of a young man rebelling against the affluent and trying to find peace within one’s self via nature. Was it just the rebellious act of freedom from a spoiled rich kid or was he a prophet of peace?

The story can be seen either as one of true self-discovery or one of rebelliousness and carelessness. However, no matter the view, the true emotion of freedom is definitely captured in the film by Writer/Director, Sean Penn. Every minute of the two and a half plus hours of film are superbly done – each capturing and narrating a piece of the story with true and raw emotion – all of which are rendered in the film’s soundtrack – written and performed by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.

Vedder sounds the soul and voice of the protaganist, Chris McCandless (Emile Hirsch), better than anyone I could imagine. While his voice and raw recordings aren’t superb, they fit extremely well into this story, which itself is raw, pure and free. Vedder’s voice is so rough, beautiful, strong, delicate and coarse that he could very well be a narrator of any nature documentary. Thankfully, he penned this soundtrack, which could possibly be the best original soundtrack to any film.

Track by track review:

01. Setting Forth
A great and powerful opener – loud and short. Gets right to the point and doesn’t stray from it – “ it no concern, point of no return..”

02. No Ceiling
Again, another very short song which I find to be very appropriate. Because the songs like this are so short, they seem like small thoughts in the mind of the main character and are left at that. There isn’t a 30 second guitar riff or anything, only a few profound words of the experience felt ..“..i got my wish to up and disappear..”

03. Far Behind
Energetic, lively and loud. A sense of the end of the old and the beginning of the new. A sense of freedom for the first time. The feeling of the first journey and adventure of a lifetime…“ me leave it all behind – far behind.”

04. Rise
Wonderful and majestic guitar strings to match equally beautiful lyrics….“..such is the passage of time…gonna rise up, find my direction magnetically.”

05. Long Nights
The first dark song of the album, i.e. true realization and fear of what’s ahead. Such a simple chord structure here yields such a profound effect. Just hearing the music alone without the words ellicits a feeling of darkness and worry…“who i was before, i cannot recall.”

06. Tuolumne
Instrumental interlude. There is something to be said about how a song without words can create so many images…a beautiful picture is painted here by the gentle figures of Vedder. I see trees, water flowing, snow falling, animals and smiling faces.

07. Hard Sun
The theme song of the film. An inspirational anthem to say the least. Pounding drums and hard-strumming acoustic guitars complement the powerful male-female voices singing the chorus in unison…“..there’s a big, a big hard sun, beating on the big people, in the big, hard world…”

08. The Wolf
Dueling organs and a powerful yelp from Vedder yield a call for help and an announcement of conquer all at once.

09. End of the Road
A realization of where you have come and where you are now and to be at peace with it all.

10. Society
This song really encaptures the mindset of the main character – what he feels about the world and why he feels the need to escape. A wonderful cover from Vedder….“…society – crazy indeed. I hope you’re not lonely without me.”

11. Guaranteed
The best song on the album. Nominated for a grammy award…..“…i know all the rules but the rules do not know me.”