Today is the fiercest storm I have seen in San Francisco in the 4 years I have lived here. Hurricane like conditions throughout the entire Bay. That means, unfortunately for my family back in Reno/Tahoe, extreme blizzard – which I don’t miss one bit. I will, however, return when it is nice and sunny there and enjoy all the nice snow that will fall.




Radiohead plan on broadcasting a commercial free, taped, private performance of In Rainbows in its entirety on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day on the Current TV network. It will also be aired on the network’s website, simultaneously. Current TV is the peer-to-peer, interactive network that won an Emmy Award for its groundbreaking interactive programming. Broadcast times for the concert (on the network) are:

December 31, 2007: 9 p.m. PST / 12 a.m. EST , 10 p.m. PST / 1 a.m. EST

January 1, 2008: 5 a.m. PST / 8 a.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST / 9 p.m. EST

The performance will be available on the website’s archives after the initial broadcast airs.


This is the first post of many featuring daily news stories found on Marumushi Newsmap – a news website that automatically updates itself every 10 minutes. It features news from 11 countries and divides 7 different news categories by color. A graphic designer’s dream news source.


7-year-old killed with Mortal Kombat moves
Thursday 20-Dec-2007 9:59 AM Drunk teens batter girl with MK imitations, face 48 years in jail


Two teenagers have been arrested after killing a seven-year-old girl by immitating moves from the Mortal Kombat games say prosecutors.

We’ve all shouted “GET OVER HERE” and pretended to uppercut a mate in the face in our yoof, but Heather Trujillo, 16, and Lamar Roberts, 17, went way further under the influence when they “hit, kicked and body-slammed” Trujillo’s half sister, Zoe Garcia, until she lost consciousness.

The two teens were supposed to be babysitting little Garcia, on December 6, when they seized the opportunity to drink alcohol and immitate Mortal Kombat moves on the child.


Trujillo, according to released documents, admitted she’d “punched her in the stomach, karate chopped her lower arms, punched and pinched the victim’s thighs, kicked her in the shins, slapped her stomach and buttocks and poked at the victim’s chest.”

Witnesses say Roberts performed a back kick on Garcia, from which she did not get up. He then cracked an egg in her mouth, apparently to check if she was faking unconsciousness.

When Garcia regained consciousness Trujillo sent her to bed, according to the documents, but she stopped breathing 15 minutes later.

They reportedly tried to revive Garcia, but she later died in hospital. The autopsy showed she had suffered a broken wrist, bleeding in the neck, swelling of the brain and more than 20 bruises.

Roberts claimed he was downstairs playing videogames while Trujillo wrestled with Garcia upstairs. A witness said later, however, that Roberts told her he’d kicked Garcia.

The two teens of Jamestown, Colorado, who said they didn’t stop the attack because they were drunk, are being held on trial for child abuse causing death, and face up to 48 years imprisonment.

Ah, video games. Designed by someone who never went outside, interacted with society, or ate healthy. Sadly, I am not surprised by this story. Some of these video games are more violent than life itself. I hardly ever played video games as a child. The only games I played were baseball or football games. How do kids enjoy shooting people or things? That should be a red flag for most people, but I guess it’s not. I did simple things when I was a child – like run and laugh and play wiffleball.




1. Radiohead – In Rainbows
2. Editors – An End Has A Start
3. Ian Brown – The World is Yours


I am very much anticipating the movie “There Will Be Blood” for 5 reasons.

1. The original music was written and composed by Jonny Greenwood, who is the lead guitarist for Radiohead. He is also a composer for the BBC orchestra and a musical genius.

2. It stars Daniel Day Lewis, who I believe to be one of, if not thee, finest actors today. He was outstanding in Gangs of New York, and from the previews this role will rival that.

3. The director is Paul Thomas Anderson, a very good director with films like “Magnolia” and “Punch-Drunk Love”.

4. The movie has substance, not style. It also is a drama, which I very much love. It has historical relevance and is a Western.

5. There are no “A-List” actors to destroy it like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Ben Affleck, etc. (Anyone who reaches “A-List” status no longer is a fine actor I feel).


examples of work from jonny greenwood:




“I will stop at nothing. Say the right things – went out Electioneering. I’ll go forwards. You’ll go backwards. And somewhere we will meet. I trust I can rely on your vote.”

Radiohead – Electioneering – Ok Computer 1997

So there is an “election” approaching, or, as The Daily Show aptly describes it, a “Clusterfuck to the White House.” I know who is running, but I don’t really care. For, let’s face it – you can vote for who you want, but in the end – it doesn’t really matter. Al Gore won the election in 2000 and he hasn’t served a day in office. Corporate America decides who will become President. George Bush has no competence for leading this country but he has done so for 8 years because he is a businessman. I would like to see Barack Obama win but I would also like to see monkeys fly. Not gonna happen.